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Ten people have been injured, one person killed and 10 others injured in a stabbing at a shopping mall in central Minnesota. The man who carried out the attack showed no emotion and his eyes looked blank, said Chris Anderson, a spokesman for the St. Paul Police Department and one of the 10 injured. Anderson said the man began attacking people and stabbing them in several places as soon as he entered the mall. He allegedly made at least one reference to Allah and asked the victims before the attack if they were Muslim, Anderson said.

A St. Cloud State University spokesman confirmed that Adan was a student in the information systems program but was not enrolled in the spring semester.

Thornton said authorities were investigating his background and possible motives, searching social media and electronic accounts and speaking to his associates. In its statement, the Adan family asked citizens not to jump to conclusions and to let the investigation run its course. Individual donations are essential to connect stories and create perspectives for our conversations.

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