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Val Rapidserv is one of those St. Cloud spots that everyone on the Metro seems to know, and for good reason: in this charming little cottage, a modern McDonald's is served at half price. Built in 1886, it is the oldest restaurant in Minnesota and the second oldest in Minnesota. Located in downtown St. Cloud, this hotel is a home that almost every student who has attended St. Cloud State University in the past 40 years has visited.

Several extensions of the main building have been made over the years and represent a very unique gastronomic experience. The restaurant we will share with you is located on the second floor of the St. Cloud State University Student Center. Join us as we share our favorite places to eat and be aware of what's available in the Saint Cloud area!

Near St. Cloud is the quakes college ville, which houses the University of Minnesota - Duluth and the Saint Cloud State University Student Center, and St. Joseph's is a small town with a population of about 1.5 million people. It is also an urban area that focuses on health care, so if you are on a hike and have reached destination status, there are many health facilities - concentrated urban areas from which to choose, such as the Mayo Clinic.

Maid's Rite has take-out and if you call 24 hours in advance, they will make arrangements for you. Delivery is between 11: 00 and 1: 30, but they call you for lunch and dinner orders, so call when you arrive and pay by phone. They are closed on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (they are closed on Saturday and Sunday).

You have hours from 5 to 22 hours, but you will need 30 hours a week that can be tailored to your schedule. They prepare your food for you, manage and work with your customers, and interact with you diligently with freshly prepared, from scratch food. One of the most important things to ensure success is a good customer service staff of at least 10 people.

The hospitality was spot on at the clean and modern Nori Cafe (temporarily closed), where we ordered and enjoyed a Somali tea chai ($2.50) that was spicy and milky sweet. I also tried some cakes from the Noris Cafe, something called MaschMaschMaschMaschMaschsee, and a sweet and savoury soup.

The sausage was rich and tender with a satisfying snapshot, the bacon was neatly chewy and crispy and the hash browns had a crispy, soft exterior and interior. The wallet itself was a little less impressive; a more aggressive roast would have created a textual contrast of flavours that could have been used for an otherwise pleasant, mild - no - flawed dish, but the caramel in it was first class and, as I said, baked without the coating of bread to a tasty delight. While the spring roll ($5.00) was memorable, grilled pork banh mi (# 6.50) is memorable, with pickled vegetables, charred, fully flavored meat and a crispy and crackling baguette roll.

The fries ($2.40) were absurdly good, thin and crispy, with a slightly spiced umami depth in the flavor and a good amount of crunch. The filling was incredibly crisp and pleasant, a surprisingly light and tender filling balanced by a little bit of barely cooked onion.

The pizza has a unique flavor and is so good that ordering by hand (a requirement) takes a little more time, but it is worth making an extra effort. The meatballs were a nice change from the often similar soups we often stumble across. Although they have evolved over the years to meet the demand for quality food made from fresh ingredients, they understand that their employees also have a need.

We are actively looking for the ideal person to join our management team as shift leader. It is important for us to have shift leaders who can help our team members succeed and be real leaders. Our shift leaders are the heart of our work and we are actively looking for ideal people to join the management teams as shift leaders!

On Monday, March 22, we offer pick-and-grip and we offer bags of fresh popcorn for orders of 20 or more. The Texas Roadhouse in Waite Park is open for pick-up orders, but the St. Cloud location is closed at this time. Pick-up is available at both locations in St. Joseph, and roadside pickup is available at both. Now that Parkwood Cinemas in Waite Park have reopened, you can use your movie pass and unlimited popcorn bucket the next time you see a movie.

If you buy a medium or large sub-combo and pay $12, you get a free kids combo, and you easily get two portions of delicious food, which is great value. Please mention this in the comments below when you see this offer, as well as on our Facebook page for more information.

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More About Sartell