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Last week we gave you a top list of pretty much everything, but now we're in the process of finding the best cities and towns to start a family. We put Eden Prairie at the top of the list of the best places in Minnesota to raise your family, and we've taken it all the way back to the oldest city in Minnesota.

The city is located on the St. Croix River, and both the Mississippi and Watab rivers flow through the city, making parks and hiking trails some of the most beautiful in the area. The city also has a great park system with a variety of hiking and cycling trails as well as numerous cycling and hiking trails.

Lake George is particularly worth seeing in summer as it offers fun under the sun for all ages, but the biggest attraction is in summer when free summer concerts with local musicians and a variety of food and drinks can entice you to the park. Sponsored by Blue Line Sports Bar & Grill, the evening ends with a bang and fireworks from 10 pm.

Enjoy a cold cocktail on the veranda terrace in downtown St. Cloud or, if you're lucky, stroll through downtown and enjoy the Dilly Bar, where it was invented.

If you're in Little Falls, you should visit the Minnesota Fishing Museum, while the Lindbergh Museum is just a few blocks away in St. Cloud, or if you were out of the state, you might have seen nesting ospreys and eagles. Try the Bjorkland Trail or rent a fishing kayak in the Twin Cities, especially if you're on the road to catch the area's famous mouthfish. When you're out of state, you can see a skylark or bald eagle nest on the shores of Lake Superior, Minnesota's largest freshwater lake.

Visit the Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls, but don't forget to see the cheeky otters and cuddly porcupines. Visit the new Jolly Green Giant Museum and drive through the Blue Earth for a photo with the Jolly Green Giant.

Visit the Minnesota State Museum of Natural History in St. Paul and see the museum's new exhibit on the history of Minnesota's natural history. See the state's largest collection of wild animals, including wolves, bears, coyotes and many other animals.

Spend the weekend at the Minnesota State Museum of Natural History in St. Paul and see the museum's new exhibit on the history of the state's natural history. Rent a tepee in this park, which is also known for the herds of bison grazing nearby. Cross the southern border to cheat Minnesota by rounding off your trip with a trip to the Great Lakes National Park in the northernmost state of Minnesota.

The balmy days provide a great opportunity to explore Lake Superior from the shores of Great Lakes National Park in the northernmost state of Minnesota.

Add to that the beautiful scenery, the good food and the great weather. And it's a recipe for fun in the St. Cloud area. This fall, you will enjoy a family visit to A.G. "s corn maze, as well as a trip to Lake Superior National Park for the Great Lakes Ice Cream Festival.

The property is owned by the City of Wykoff and is part of the St. Cloud State Park system of parks and trails. This year the park celebrates its 50th anniversary with a festival of waterfalls mysteriously disappearing into a hole. Locals visit the 643-hectare park if they want to cool off after a hot day, seek a quiet spot for a picnic or enjoy the golden aspens and bronze oaks reflected in the water - filled quarries.

Spend a lazy day in the sun, reading or reading while sipping a hot cup of coffee, hot dog or hot chocolate on the beach. Walk down the street to the pebble beach, grab a coffee and hang out on its large cedar deck and watch the waves crash against Five Mile Rock.

Eat German cuisine at the Veigel Kaiserhoff in Neu-Ulm, visit 16 Harmony or take a guided tour of the Schells Brewery. In the land of 10,000 vines, try wines from St. Croix Valley Vineyards' Shelby Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Minn. is 65% longer and offers a wide selection of beers, wines, spirits and food from local breweries and restaurants.

It is full of windows that capture breathtaking views of Lake Superior, and large skylights that capture the starry sky and the Northern Lights.

Travel back in time and take a little road trip to Walnut Grove for the annual Wilder Pageant, which celebrates the life and work of Laura Ingalls Wilders. Take a gangster tour of the Landmark Center to learn more about the history of St. Paul and its history as a 19th century city. The rental includes a photo booth, where guests can take some great photos.

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